Joe Mathews and Tell It 

Joe Buick 2col

Joe Mathews was born in San Francisco and spent much of his professional life in public education. Since 1995 he has been writing biographical oral history, including a collection underwritten by the National Endowment for the Humanities titled, California Rhythm and Blues Music: 1945-1955, portions of which are now permanently archived in the Bancroft Library at the University of California at Berkeley and the Smithsonian Institute in Washington D.C. He has since published additional biographical histories as well as work for a variety of journals and periodicals.

Tell It  travels to where you are, and together, we conceptualize and formulate an individualized vision for the final product you wish to create. The goal of this personal collaboration is to produce a record that you will not only be proud for having completed, but in the process will gratify the people you care about most. Of equal importance to conducting this kind of authentic documentation is content reliability. To underscore our commitment to your project's accuracy and credibility, we maintain open consultation throughout the interview and editing process, assuring that your personal account honestly reflects having come directly from the source. 

Doing this work gives you an opportunity to speak in depth about your life in a comfortable and professional environment and to document recollections and events first hand, as opposed to the more conventional reliance upon a writer’s filter to guide editorial decisions. In our case, the client and historian work closely in tandem throughout the project to produce the quality biographical documentation you desire. 

Tell It  adheres to the highest level of thorough, responsible, and ethical research documentation principles and practices. Remembering first and always that your legacy is your story, we invite you to have us Tell It.

 On the pages that follow, you can sample other legacies—in both written and audio form.